COVID-era tech

The Remote Workforce

Ensuring worker safety during a pandemic requires making serious adjustments. For many businesses, this has meant moving most or all of their workforce to home office settings.

From the SMB to the enterprise, IT staff have been forced to cope with an enormous influx of road warrior VPN tunnels and the compute-intensive demands those encrypted connections placed on their remote concentrators.

Those who rushed to roll out VPN solutions often deployed protocols that were ill-suited to their environment, resulting in the costly need to re-architect and subsequently re-deploy client-side software or settings. And worse, some shops deployed VPNs using obsoleted protocols with known security vulnerabilities that are currently being exploited.

Indy Alpha understands these technologies and is ready to help.

When implemented correctly, a VPN solution works securely,
reliably, and aids in quickly and conveniently onboarding and offboarding an employee’s network accesses, while only ever providing access to the resources the business wishes to permit.

For businesses with strained budgets, forced migrations to an environment where VPN-connected employees need fast and reliable access to central resources can seem like an insurmountable challenge. We understand this. By leveraging sophisticated software, we can sometimes repurpose decommissioned or otherwise EOL hardware for mission-critical roles never before considered; we can help show you how you can and when you should.

Residential solutions

We handle most home office solutions, from monitor setups to high-performance network installations. Our advanced solutions can include ceiling-mounted access points for ultimate wireless performance and nearly latency- and jitter-free connectivity for flawless VoIP and video conferencing. Contact Indy Alpha today to discuss your client-side needs.